HS Exterior Products

hs car wax

HS Carnauba Car Wax

Easy on and off application.
Long lasting water beading and shine.
No swirls.
Ultimate protection against fading and oxidation.

Available Sizes: 8 oz Paste, 16 oz Liquid.

hs ultra gloss insta wax

HS Ultra Gloss Instawax

Creates a protective barrier.
5 mintues quick wax.
Leaves no white residue.
Easy on and off application.

Available Sizes: 22 oz.

hs colour match black car polish

HS Ultra Gloss Color Match Polish

Easy on and off application.
Exceptional shine.
Hides scratches.
Safe for all paint finishes.

Available Colour Choices: Black, Red, Grey, White.
Available Sizes: 10 oz.

ultra gloss wet look tire shine and detailer

HS Ultra Gloss Wet Look Tire Shine

Makes tires have a glossy look.
Simple spray on.
Specially formulated for tires.
Leaves a shine that lasts for weeks.

Available Sizes: 32 oz, 1 Gallon.


HS Ultra Gloss Tire Shine

Adjustable spray nozzle for different tire profiles.
Long lasting shine that lasts for weeks.
Specially formulated for tires.

Available sizes: 13 oz can.

hs ultra gloss wet look tire gel

HS Ultra Gloss Wet Look Gel

Lasts for weeks and gives an extra glossy shine to please the toughest clients.
No drips or runs.
Would not spin off.

Available Sizes: 16 oz.

hs car wash and wax protector

HS Car Wash and Wax Protector

Extra concentrated formula.
Removes dirt, bug stains and tar.
Gives a just waxed look.

Available Sizes: 16.5 oz, 1 Gallon.


HS Micro Fiber Cloths

Will not scratch paint surfaces.
Cleans wet or dry.
Washable and reusable.

Available Quantities: 3-piece, 12-pieces, Master Pack.


HS Synthetic Chamois

For ultimate drying of a car.
60% more absorbent than the competition.

Available Sizes: Small, Large.

hs bone sponge

HS Bone Sponges

Removes dirt excellent when combined with HS Car Wash